Founding year 1919

In November 1919  Richard JAHRE started his company in the age of 24. His idea was to develope and to manufacture instruments for physics lessons.


At that time people were enthusiastic about radio. But radios were missing and parts for military devices (appliances) were in short supply. Richard JAHRE realized the necessity of producing  coils, clamps, detectors and mica capacitors in series. The young company was able to produce and ship them.

Photo: Company founder Richard JAHRE at the age of 64.


"Radio-Apparatebau Richard JAHRE" produces summer, wave-meters, air capacitors, mica capacitors and RC-network.( Photo: The multiple network is the first multiple capacitor).


The program is growing: Capacitance-standard, standard-decades, triple decades, peg-standards for measurement. The tolerance is 1 ppm, the loss factor is less than 0.1 per mille.

Precision capacitors transmitter types, HK fixed coupling capacitors.

Pico-block and micro-block, roll-type capacitors with mica and paper, paper capacitors in the cup, elcos in bacelite, cardboard tubes or aluminum cups for the radio technology.

The plant Richard Jahre, manufacturer of capacitors in Berlin, Köpenicker Str. 33a grows to 7,000 square meters and 400 employees. The daily production is 60,000 capacitors. The branch in Paris has 100 employees.


In research facilities Richard Jahre capacitors are used.
For instance - the test-set-up of Otto Hahn and Fritz Straßmann (discovery of nuclear fission) shows Jahre-capacitors.

Source: Deutsches Museum, München.


The plant in Köpenicker Straße was completely destroyed by bombs. Within 4 years the
rebuilding was effected.
But the result of
the "iron curtain" was the dispossession because the Köpenicker Straße is situated in the Eastern
part of Berlin.


Restart in West Berlin.
Berlin-Tiergarten, Potsdamer Straße 68.


The production program includes mica capacitors, RF-chokes and delay lines or network. The
capacitance standards and tera-ohmmeters with a measurement range up to 5,000 tera-ohm have international significance.


Point-to-point radio system, radar, radio astronomy and rockets need reliable, robust, precise and small components. Richard Jahre develops and produces the necessary ectronical components. With 225 employees at 3,000 square meters the production is carried out 10 years after the new beginning. 25 % are exported.


The new factory in Berlin, Lützowstraße with 6,000 square meters is completed.
r, Richard Jahre, the founder
of the company, sells the company to Roederstein.


Roederstein sell the company Richard Jahre to Signal Apparatefabrik Julius Kräcker AG. Richard Jahre is a
self-contained company within this group.
The  company Richard Jahre is changed into a limited partnership (KG).
Further a company Richard Jahre GmbH is founded in Stuttgart.


50 years after foundation 440 people are employed.
The factory become to be  too tight. Therefore an extension is necessary.

In this year components of Richard Jahre are used in assemblies for the Apollo Mission.


Richard Jahre supplies electronical components for the Franca-German anti-tank defence system MILAN.
Photo: Wikipedia


The company Richard Jahre GmbH is transferred to Wilhelmshaven.


Richard Jahre KG takes over Scherb & Schwehr mica technique.
Photo: Page 336, column 3, Address Book of Berlin


Richard Jahre develops and produces delay lines for DESY (particle accelerator) Hamburg.

Photo: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg


Richard Jahre KG are dissolved. Richard Jahre GmbH overtakes the branch capacitors  and inductors.
The mica slices are produced in the new founded  company Möricke.


The company's founder - Richard Jahre - dies at the age of 99 years. He has got high honours, for instance
the Diesel Gold Medal and the Federal Service Cross 1st Of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Richard Jahre GmbH overtakes the company Möricke. Now u
nder the same roof again are together all products.


The product line DMS sensor systems is introduced.
Richard Jahre GmbH is able to produce systems up to 5,000 kN. These sensor systems are used for building security, the heavy duty shipping and and the container shipping as well the production of cranes.


In December the family Eibenstein from Oldenburg buys Richard Jahre GmbH.


Richard Jahre develops a sensor system for continuous monitoring of the statics of halls. The first sport halls with this system are built in Wilhelmshaven and St. Gallen. 
This system can monitor the complete permanet static of roofs made with wood, reinforced concrete or steel.


Richard Jahre is a prize winner in the nationwide innovation contest "365 places
In the Land of Ideas "with the sensor system for the permanent monitoring of hall roofs - TZÜ®.

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, David McAllister, handed over the document on 1 April.


The company Richard Jahre receives in February 2012 the entrepreneur's prize of the general
Wilhelmshaven - Friesland for the quality standard of the products and the Innovative power of the company.

On 3 April Hans-Werner Kammer, a member of the houses of Parliament, visited the Richard Jahre Production facility in Wilhelmshaven and the TZÜ® sensor warning system for hall roofs explain. "I can well imagine that such sensors will be mandatory in large halls To prevent accidents, "says Hans-Werner Kammer. "This technique from Wilhelmshaven Can save lives! "

On 1 October 2012 the Richard Jahre GmbH takes over the 1923 founded in Oldenburg and today in
Wilhelmshaven-based company Mangels.


The company acquires a property in Rastede (near Oldenburg) and builds a new company building with a production hall.

The Wilhelmshaven site will be closed in November 2018 and relocated to Rastede.


The Berlin location will be closed in June 2019 and relocated to Rastede. All locations are now concentrated in Rastede.

The company Richard Jahre celebrates the 100th anniversary of the company on November 1st, 2019.