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Since the foundation in 1919 JAHRE is producing electronic components. Most of all are produced in Germany. JAHRE components are indispensable for precise, reliable and durable assemblies. JAHRE is specialized in production of components as per customer specification.

We are currently continuing to produce in the COVID-19 pandemic!

Dear customer

  • Based on current events, we would like to assure you that we will continue to be there for you and do everything we can to offer you the usual, reliable service.
  • Your safety and that of our teams is our top priority. Our office staff still work on site as usual. We have postponed events, visits and trips. We have converted and optimized the operation in our production and tightened the hygiene standards.
  • This is how we ensure that you continue to receive your orders quickly and on time.
  • Our customer service and order processing are still available for urgent questions.
  • We are sure that we will manage this time together and would be happy if we remain a reliable partner for you despite the challenging situation.
  • Take care of each other and stay healthy!
  • Your Jahre-Team

Lifespan and sustainability of our components

Lifetime of our components

  • When developing and manufacturing our components, durability and reliability are paramount.
  • For example, our type 47 mica capacitors were developed in the 1950s and have remained unchanged ever since. They are used in many applications and technical devices and mostly survive the devices in which they were installed.

Sustainable production

  • When selecting the raw materials from which our components are made, the company has traditionally paid attention to the sustainability of the materials used.
  • The aim is to use a maximum of natural, naturally occurring raw materials for our components.
  • We limit ourselves to the minimum necessary use of chemical products which are necessary for the production of the respective electronic components.

News - Mica capacitors for electromobility

For the vehicle

  • The loss factor of a capacitor is crucial for the fast transmission of high power.
  • This factor is extremely low in mica capacitors and can not be surpassed by any other known capacitor type.
  • We offer individually tailored mica capacitors for your application in the vehicle.
  • We produce our mica capacitors extremely flat and compact for installation in the car.

For the charging station

  • Just as in the vehicle, the loss factor of a capacitor is also the decisive criterion for a fast transmission of high power in the charging station.
  • This factor is extremely low in our mica power capacitors and can not be surpassed by any other known capacitor type.
  • We offer individually tailored mica capacitors for your application in the charging station.
  • At the charging station, high voltage strength is important, and the size of the building block plays a subordinate role, an ideal task for our mica power capacitors.

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