• Group: Contact-Terminal
  • Type: 10.01
  • Spring tension: 5 N
  • Wire diameter: 0,3 ... 1,0 mm
  • Temperature range: -65 ° C ... + 150 ° C
  • Contact resistance: ≦1mΩ

The contact-terminal, type 10.01, is applicable for components with lead terminals of 0,3 mmm up to 1,0 mm diameter. The contact-terminal consists of a pressure-spring and a pressure-bolt which are both mounted in a spring hull. The operation temperature range is between -65°C and +150°C, where the springtension of 5 N and a contact resistance ≦1mΩ guarantees a good contact. The mounting of the contact-terminal is done on the shaft by means of soldering or riveting.

Type 10.01-01

Type 10.01-02

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