Capacitance standards


  • In the case of the Richard annual high-voltage capacitance standards, the plate spacings and the gas pressure are selected in such a way that these standards are as small and as light as possible. The condenser system is made of highly polished aluminum plates in such a way that the main capacitance contains only sticky material as a dielectric and remains free of glimmering at nominal switching voltages. The nitrogen is electrically cleaned after filling. By means of these measures, the capacitors are practically loss-free, the loss factor is of the order of 10-6.
  • The filling of the dense condenser with inert gas makes this largely independent of the influences of its environment, for example, air humidity fluctuations and pressure changes. The perfect tightness of the housings guarantees maintenance-free operation for years. The capacitors are double-shielded and both shields are separated.
  • Each capacitor shall be accompanied by a test report specifying the gas pressure and the measured capacity at 50 Hz with an accuracy of ± 1 0/00 or ± 0,5 pF and the loss factor. On request, the capacitors can be supplied with calibration protocols from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt.
  • The capacitors are equipped with a coaxial socket connector 6/16, which has a wave resistance of 60 W and complies with the standards IEC 169-4, VG 95 250, DIN 47 223 and DIN 47282.

Capacitance standard 32.51-1

  • Group: Capacitance standard
  • Type: 32.51-1
  • Nominal capacity at 50 Hz = 100 pF
  • Rated capacity = 30 kV
  • Rated loss: 50 Hz = 1 x 10-5
  • Temperature coefficient = +25...+30 x 10-6/° C
  • Weight = 18 kg

Capacitance standard 32.51-2

  • Group: Capacitance standard
  • Type: 32.51-2
  • Nominal capacity at 50 Hz = 1000 pF
  • Rated value = 24 kV
  • Rated loss at 50 Hz = 1 x 10-5
  • Temperature coefficient = +25...+30 x 10-6/° C
  • Weight = 28 kg

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