Mica capacitor 43.19

  • Group: Mica capacitor
  • Type: 43.19
  • Capacity: 0,6 ... 2,2 µF
  • Tolerance: to ±0,5 %
  • Voltage: to 1 kVDC
  • Power: to 12 A


  • Mica capacitor for larger capacitance values and higher voltages.
  • The capacitors of this series to be produced in a capacity range of 1 µF and voltages up to 1 kV, and with connecting lugs.
  • The special Ionisationsfestigkeit this series is achieved by a special vacuum oil impregnation. The mica capacitors of this series are characterized by good performance stability, low loss and small temperature coefficient of capacitance. For increased current capacity, the types with a very low resistance metallization are contacted. Stolle knapsack capacity to 0.5%. The voltage ratings are valid for a temperature range from - 40 ° C to + 100 ° C.
  • A gilding of the case with 24 karat gold is available upon request.


  • These mica capacitors have been specially developed for use in crossovers and amplifiers of high-quality broadcasting electronics.
  • Our mica capacitors are the best possible sound improver in this area.
  • They are also known under the name Silver mica.

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