Mica capacitor 48

  • Group: Mica capacitor
  • Type: 48
  • Capacity: 4 ... 40000 pF
  • Tolerance: to ±0,5 %
  • Voltage: to 1 kVDC
  • Power: to 4 A


  • The reliable mica capacitors of series 48 are manufactured with radial connections and thinly immersed.
  • This wrapping process allows small dimensions of the structural size while simultaneously utilizing the optimum properties of the mica.
  • The capacitors are distinguished by high long-term stability, low losses, small temperature coefficients of the capacitance and hardly measurable self-inductance.
  • The nominal voltages are valid for the temperature range from -55 ° C to + 125 ° C.


  • Frequency constant resonant circuits.
  • Filters and time elements in the RF and Communications Technology.
  • Production and processing of signals of high slope, pulse shaper, delay lines, suppressors.
  • Low-loss circuits in the small-power electronics.
  • Electronic devices of great stability for measuring, testing and control technology, medicine, computing, security and surveillance systems including.

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