Mica capacitor 51

  • Group: Mica capacitor
  • Type: 51
  • Capacity: 10 ... 43000 pF
  • Tolerance: to ±1 %
  • Voltage: to 1 kVDC
  • Power: to 4 A


  • The highly reliable mica capacitors of the type 51 are provided with axial connecting wires and kunstharzumhüllt.
  • The Epoxidharzumhüllung guarantee high environmental and mechanical strength.
  • The capacitors are characterized by good long-term stability, low losses, small temperature coefficient of capacitance and inductance from barely measurable.
  • We deliver close to 1 pF capacitance tolerances.
  • The voltage ratings are valid for the temperature range -55°C to +125°C.


  • Frequency constant resonant circuits.
  • Filter.
  • Crossovers, and time elements in the RF and Communications Technology.
  • Production or processing of signals of high slope, pulse shaper, delay lines, suppressors.
  • Low-loss circuits in low power electronics.
  • Electronic equipment reliability for flight electronics, measuring, testing, control and communications engineering, medicine, computing, navigation, security, surveillance and communications equipment including.

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