Mica capacitor 55

  • Group: Mica capacitor
  • Type: 55
  • Capacity: 5 ... 1500 pF
  • Tolerance: to ±5 %
  • Voltage: to 500 VDC
  • Cable length: as required


  • The small parallelepiped mica capacitors of the 55 series are used as compensating or supplementary capacitors for telecommunication cables.
  • The narrow arrangement of transmission lines of the telecommunication technique leads to influencing (spurious) capacitances by capacitive coupling, which are reduced by parallel connection of compensating capacitors.
  • Similarly, the parallel connection of capacitors is necessary to supplement missing cable lengths.
  • For this purpose, single or multiple capacitances are used for annual mica capacitors, which are subject to high requirements with respect to accuracy and stability.
  • In particular, it is necessary for these capacitors that the individual capacitances are exactly the same, or in a precisely defined relationship to each other.
  • For assembly and potting in cable terminals in field operation, these capacitors require a space-saving design in cylindrical housing form with long, flexible connections, which are insulated for temperatures up to 120 ° C.
  • The stack construction of the mica capacitors and the high stability of the electrical values ​​of each individual capacitor as well as the simple possibility for the symmetrical arrangement of the individual capacitors to multiple capacitors, with the required exact relationships to one another, are used for our design 55.
  • It is particularly advantageous that each individual capacitor can be tested for all necessary electrical parameters before assembly.
  • The capacitors are encapsulated with epoxy resin in plastic housings and are equipped with 180 mm long insulated terminals.


  • Frequency-constant resonant circuits.
  • Filters and time elements in RF and communications engineering.
  • Generating or processing signals of high edge steepness, e.g. Pulse shapers, delay chains, interference suppression elements.
  • Electronic devices of high reliability for flight electronics, measuring and testing technology, medicine, data processing, navigation, security and monitoring systems, and the like.
  • Good space utilization thanks to cuboid housing.

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