Mica plates

Mica is characterized by:

  • High dielectric strength.
  • High dielectric resistance.
  • Low dielectric losses.
  • High resistance to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Good clearness.
  • Oil and acid resistance.
  • Cleavability until to the µm-range.
  • Mica is a mined mineral. It belongs to the monoclinic crystal system. It consists of alkali-aluminum silicates. Only two types of Mica are suitable - muscovite and phlogopite. The colours of muscovite are ruby red, white, green or brown. The colour of phlogopite is amber. Therefore it is also known as Amber-Mica.
  • Dependent on the cases of application it is necessary to test colour, transparency, purity and freedom of defects regarding the crystallization as per international standards. Also the size of the pieces is important.
  • By the cellular and leaf-shaped molecular structure Mica is scissible until few µm. Mica can be adhered and batched. Therefore it is possible to produce thick Mica layers.
  • JAHRE is able to supply semi-finished and finished products in all standard qualities of muscovite and phlogopite. Jahre can make electrical, mechanical and optical tests as per customer request.