Mechanical strip chart recorder type SL


  • Group: Pressure recorder
  • Type: SL
  • Measuring range mbar: 0 ... 400
  • Measuring range bar: 0 ... 1000
  • Course duration: 24 hours ... 12 months
  • Mechanical strip chart recorder type SL for pressure and temperature.
  • The strip chart recorder is suitable for recording longer periods of time over 24 hours.
  • Also available as a double-strip chart recorder type SL2.
  • Portable and wall mounting.

Our services for strip chart recorder

  • You can regularly maintain, calibrate or repair your strip chart recorder. This gives you consistently optimal and reliable results, and the life span of your printer is extended. We carry out all our work quickly and reliably.


  • Housing: Dimensions W x H x D = 192 x 288 x 227 mm, made of sheet steel with powder coating, pebble gray RAL 7032, degree of protection IP 55, front pane made of laminated glass, door with swivel and cylinder lock, pressure connection with stainless steel thread G ½ ".
  • Display and registration: pointer movement with zero adjustment and straight line, registration in rectangular coordinates on a 16 m long chart roll according to DIN 16230, with winding unit, visible diagram length 160 mm, roll width 120 mm, writing width 100 mm, recording with ink-filled fiber-drawing pen.
  • Measuring accuracy: (class 1.0) High-quality spring-elastic measuring devices with high durability of elasticity and spring force, capsule membrane and metal bellows with linear counter-spring, a proven construction, with which very good linearity is achieved. Large pipe springs as for quality manometers nominal size 160 mm.


  • Our strip chart recorders register the timing of a gas or liquid pressure.
  • In the gas and water supply, such recorders are used for control measurements in the pipe network.
  • In pipeline construction, as well as in gas and water installations, the written diagrams serve to demonstrate the required pressure tests.
  • For the installation of gas domestic connections according to the regulations of the supply companies
  • For the internal pressure test of pressure pipes for water according to DIN 4279 (with comparative measurement, see below)

Accuracy of the drives

  • Mechanical clockwork +/- 5 seconds / 24 hours / ° C.
  • Quartz clockwork +/- 2 seconds / 24 hours.
  • Permissible operating temperature -20 ... +65 ° C.
  • Mechanical clockwork with elevator crank (on the inside of the door).
  • Quartz clockwork with battery (Monocell LR20-1,5V).
  • The paper advance is to be selected according to the required measuring time so large that a sufficiently long diagram is produced. The standard paper feed rate is 20 mm / h for measurements over the duration of 12 to 24 hours or longer. For shorter print samples a larger feed is selected. The feed speed of the drive units can be changed within the specified range by exchanging the feed change gears.

quipment (included)

  • 2 graph rollers with measuring range and time print
  • 2 fiber warping springs (normal violet)
  • 2 door keys
  • 1 lift crank at mechanical movement

Data sheet

When a comparative measurement is used with the strip chart recorder?

The comparison measurement with an attached precision measuring gauge of accuracy class 0.6 serves to detect the measuring accuracy of the pressure recorder during every use. A writing instrument must be accessible and can not be secured by a seal or a seal, as prescribed by the calibration scheme for verified pressure gauges. A scribe is not legal. Therefore, the comparative measurement is recommended or prescribed in various standards and test regulations, e.g. DIN 4279 Internal pressure test of pressure pipes for water part 1 Abs.6.1.2: Measurement of pressure DVGW worksheet G 469 - Pressure test method for pipelines and installations of the gas supply.

Special equipment fine gauge manometer


  • For portable recorders with pressure line branch, manometer holder and plug-in coupling for a comparison manometer.
  • Brass plug-in coupling for measuring ranges from 0 - 40 mbar to 0 - 25 bar.
  • Steel coupling for measuring ranges from 0 - 40 bar to 0 -250 bar.
  • Stainless steel plug-in coupling for measuring ranges from 0 - 40 mbar up to 0 -250 bar.
  • Precision measuring gauge 160 mm Ø, stainless steel design, graduated scale according to DIN, accuracy class 0.6, from 0 - 40 mbar to 0 - 0.6 bar Measuring unit made of Cu leg, from 0 - 1 bar measuring unit and pressure connection made of stainless steel.
  • The comparison measurement with the attached fine-gauge gauge is used to verify the accuracy of the print-writer during every use. The manometer is sealed and one class more accurate than the printer. As long as the clerk agrees with the manometer, he is in order.
  • The comparative measurement class 0.6 is prescribed in DIN 4279 part 1 para. 6.1.2.


Equipment strip chart recorder

Recording chart rolls

Roll width: 120 mm
Printing width: 100 mm
Roll length: 16 m
Custom-made products are possible.


Disposable fibre tipped pen

Individually wrapped in aluminum foil.
Ink filling violet, red or blue.

Door key

Lift crank