Force mesuring ring

  • Group: Strain gage systems / Force sensors
  • Type: 30
  • Nominal load: 25 ... 400 kN
  • Testload: 200 % der Nennlast
  • Breakload: 500 % der Nennlast
  • Operating temperature: -45°C to +80°C


  • Bonded strain gauge full bridge.
  • Steel construction with surface refinement.
  • Stainless steel on request.
  • Very long-term stability.
  • Very good linearity.
  • High reproducibility.
  • Temperature compensated by full bridge.
  • Vibration and shock resistant.
  • Easy construction.
  • With fixed cable, max. 10m cable.
  • With integrated amplifier.
  • Redundantly designed.


  • Our force measuring rings are used for measuring loads and forces or as overload protection, they can be used individually or as part of a complete measuring system. The values of the force sensors can be processed directly in any programmable controller.
  • Since the end of 2013, we have launched a ring with a limit of 270%. We have achieved this greater safety by the use of a new steel and the further development of the bar in the force measuring ring. On request, we can offer you this security right away.
  • For ship winches (mooring winches).
  • For harbor cranes.
  • For container and bridge cranes.

Electrical features


  • Output Resistance: 350 Ohm.
  • Voltage: nom. 10 VDC, max. 18 VDC.
  • Zero adjustment: ± 1% of full scale.
  • Recording sensitivity: 0,5 mV/V bis 1,7 mV/V, tol. ±3 %.

Accept and approve

  • Material acceptance according to EN 10201, both the 3.1 and the 3.2 certificate are possible.
  • Technical acceptance by DNV GL o.a. is possible.
  • Protection classes according to EN 60529 are possible up to IP 67.
  • An ATEX certification is possible.

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