Our mica capacitors are designed for the most demanding and elaborate electronic
Products. They are installed in the world's highest-quality high-end audio products.
The mica capacitors are included in aircraft communication.

JAHRE  supplies delay lines for research-equipments (i.e. DESY II) and mica power capacitors for
military applications (marine), space- and radio-technology.

JAHRE supplies inductors for special applications. The applications of the non-magnetic coils
are radio technology, medical technology (MAT), defence technology.

JAHRE supplies mica discs as membranes for breathing mask and respirators. They are produced
of premium mica and are tested on a special procedure. They are used in modern aircrafts,
medical and security systems.

We provide DMS Sensor systems for cranes and ship cranes with up to 1,000 tons carrying capacity
and systems for Mooringwinden that provide for container ships to be absolutely consistent
so that the ship during unloading, despite current, wind and tidal can lie quietly in the harbor.