Mica capacitor 49

  • Group: Mica capacitor
  • Type: 49
  • Special feature: very small dimensions
  • Capacity: 3 ... 3900 pF
  • Tolerance: to ±1 pF
  • Voltage: to 500 VDC


  • The particularly low inductance capacitors of the type 49.4 and 49.5 are equipped with a jacket sheet with or without a solder tag and with short lugs.
  • The cladding sheet and the short band connections are directly solderable, creating a very small feed cable and a transfer of body heat loss is achieved.
  • The capacitors are characterized by high long-term stability, low losses and low temperature coefficient of capacitance.
  • The voltage ratings are valid for the temperature range -55°C to +125°C.


  • Filtering, coupling and capacitor resonant circuit in the high Freuenzen at currents of several amperes and the apparent power to 1kVA.
  • The construction is designed as a series capacitor and suitable for implementing the same application.

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