Strain gage systems / Force sensors

Load mesuring pin

Force measuring ring

Measuring traction rod

Special force sensors

Our strain gage systems

  • We produce force sensors using the technology with glued strain gauges.
  • Our force sensors offer the optimum solution for every problem. For pull, pressure and shearing forces exactly adapted to your wishes. With the help of state-of-the-art construction technology, we develop the optimum force transducer.
  • The strain gages are the core of our force sensors. The very precise measurement of our force sensors is achieved by cross-linking the strain gages, also called Wheatston's measuring bridge. This principle ensures an optimal signal in the output. The advantages of this technology are an extremely high accuracy, even when detecting the smallest forces.
  • Our decades of experience in the production of force sensors are a valuable asset for their tasks. Use these experiences combined with an exceptionally high and reliable quality. Within the framework of a manufac- turer's production, we tailor-make your wishes.

Strain gauges

  • Strain gauges are measuring devices for the detection of compressive and stretching deformations. They change their electrical resistance at low deformations and are used as strain sensors. We glue them with special adhesives onto our components, which are minimally deformed under load. This deformation or expansion also leads to a change in the resistance of the strain gage.

Information about our strain gage systems