Classic veturi tubes

  • Our classic venturi tubes unite all the advantages of high-pressure generators. They consist of intake cylinder, inlet cones, halves and diffusers. The special shape of the inflow side causes a rectification of the flow profile. The length of the straight required inlet and outlet sections is favored by the fact that the venturi tubes are almost exclusively equipped with multiple take-offs on both pressure extraction planes, connected to annular chambers.
  • They are suitable for the measurement of soiled fluids, where deposits on the measuring edges can occur due to dirt particles.
  • Due to the design, they are used where only small pressure losses are permitted and where, in contrast to the nozzle, there are no straight straight inlet paths. The classic venturi tubes are suitable for flow measurements with high accuracy since the flow coefficient C is constant over the entire measuring range.
  • Classic venturi tube according to DIN EN ISO 5167-4 can be delivered in any desired nominal width, both flanged and welded and in all common materials. The installation length is basically dependent on the opening ratio β.
  • 1 Photo: Classic venturi tube, nominal width DN 750, length 3.2 meters.
  • 2 Photo: Classic venturi tube, nominal width DN 20 with inlet and outlet, length 59 cm.

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